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For those looking for the ultimate challenge our guided winter adventures on sections of the Iditarod Trail and our Fatbike Mountain Bking Expeditions on Alaska's glaciers, frozen rivers, lakes, snowmobile routes and Alaska's rugged Interior offer a unique adventure you won't find anywhere else.

Iditarod Trail Human Powered

Wintertime is an incredible time in Alaska. Frozen trails, Sleddogs, Northern Lights, moskito-free and slow. Alaska is a Winter Wonderland that will take the visitor into a quiet frozen landscape that few get to experience. Because rivers, lakes and the huge expanse of wetlands that cover big parts of Alaska are frozen we get to enjoy places that are out of reach in the summertime. We will have a chance to see the Iditarod dogteams on the trail, tour the famous Iditarod Trail on Snowshoes, Cross country skis or go Winterbiking, our specialty. Depending on the weather, month and condition of the trail, we will determine what means of travel will work best and what section of trail you might be interested in.We will be staying in remote but cozylodges and roadhouses along the way. We can carry all of our gear with us or we can do snowmachine supported expeditions and carry very little. The snowmachine will carry our gear from lodge to lodge.

Travel the Iditarod Trail from Knik to one of the Lodges Skwentna (90miles), Finger Lake Lodge (130 miles) or Puntilla (Rainy Pass Lodge 160 miles) or even to the village to McGrath ( 350 miles) or any part of the 1100 mile long famous sled dog trail just before or after the Iditarod Sled Dog Race by ski, snowshoes or by bike for experienced cyclists. This is possibly the best winter trip we offer for athletic types with little or no experience with arctic travel and those with a strict schedule. There are numerous departure points and communication possible. This could be done in a manner where it would be as much a cultural experience as a great wilderness adventure.  It could almost be done completely as a cabin to cabin kind of trip with snowmachine support and pre-set camps with heated tents. These luxury trips are more expensive but cozy, comfortable option to a winter camping expedition. Sections we personally enjoy the most are from Skwentna over the Shell Hills to Fingerlake Lodge. And from there to Puntilla which is a demanding section of the trail. Another interesting section is the Kaltag portage to Unalakleet on the Coast, 90 miles that has two shelter cabins along the way. For more information check out our race page

Iditarod Trail

The base price for these trips is:

$ 175.00 per day per person (two person minimum) plus airfare, food, ground transportation and lodging for guests, myself and my assistant. Ski equipment, snowshoes, bikes and snowmachine support with base camps can be provided at an additional cost. These trips are limited to four guests to allow everyone a more personal experience.

All Trips can start and finish in Anchorage or Wasilla/Palmer.


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