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Alaska Winter Adventures- Alaska Fat Bike Adventures

For those looking for the ultimate challenge our guided winter adventures, our Fatbike Mountain Bking Expeditions on Alaska's glaciers, frozen rivers, lakes, snowmobile routes and Alaska's rugged Interior offer a unique adventure you won't find anywhere else.

Wintertime is an incredible time in Alaska. Frozen trails, Sleddogs, Northern Lights, moskito-free and slow. Alaska is a Winter Wonderland that will take the visitor into a quiet frozen landscape that few get to experience. Because rivers, lakes and the huge expanse of wetlands that cover big parts of Alaska are frozen we get to enjoy places that are out of reach in the summertime. Depending on the weather, month and condition of the trail, we will determine which trails to ride. At this time we are only offering day trips by fat bike in the Anchorage and Mat Su area.

The base price for these trips is:


All Trips can start and finish in Anchorage.


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